you’re brushing your teeth when suddenly your mint toothpaste tastes like eggs. do you

a)  power through and continue brushing
b)  wash your mouth out
c)  go to your fridge and get out the eggs and bite one to see if it tastes minty

I’m gonna deck that little bitch.
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Angelina Jolie’s dress was an expression of her kids’ creativity: Luigi Massi, the master tailor at Atelier Versace, sewed dozens of designs from her children’s drawings into the dress and veil.

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when you’re a thief: (I’m a thief I’m a thief) you can call me a thief

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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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reblog if u remember when apple was a FRUIT, kids played OUTSIDE not on their ipads, and decomposing VICTIMS of the BUBONIC plague LITTERED the STREETS

Harry Texting on a Fan’s Phone, Chicago 30.08.


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